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Edigo is an all-in-one solution to find, create and share educational content in one place. Gain access to templates, thousands of images, teacher’s tools like forms and math and much more.


Discover a world of colorful educational content, ready for you to customize.

Created by teachers like you. Posters, task cards, games, worksheets and assessments. All categorized by subjects and types and grades. From Kindergarten to High school.

You’ll find what you’re looking for.

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Work with your team of teachers in real time to create eye popping, contentful task cards, worksheets and assessment for your students. Invite them over to your Edigo’s workspace and get creative. Crowdsource massive worksheets or create cute tasks cards for kids in groups of 2, 10, or more!

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Did you make something worth sharing with other educators? You can share your Edigo creation with the world for free, or sell them at the price of your choosing in Edigo’s marketplace.

Download your work in PDF or send them over with Google Classroom for a quick assignment.

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Homeworks and forms

Edigo’s documents can be sent to your students for them to complete. Whether it’s an assessment, an activity or a worksheet. With our unique integration with Google Classroom, students can fulfill their duties and get an amazing e-learning experience.

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The LaTex Math editor makes creating Math problems a breeze! No more Driving myself crazy trying to find the right symbols to copy & paste

-Sheela Macarthy

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